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rainbowTagaeri and Taromenane tribes-the last hope for the Yasuni Rainforest. Please join us in our conservation room and learn about this fascinating fight to save the Ecuadorian National Park by the indigenous peoples. Also, read about Bio-Targeting and the curious case of Bryostatins in the current trends section of our conservation room. Teachers we have started adding educational content to our "Teachers" drop down list. The first program is "Life in a Pond". All programs are free to use unless otherwise stated.


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Current news imagePlease help us with this ambitious journey by taking the time and your resources to donate now. Your generous donations will be used to deliver education programs that inspire, protect and restore the wild places and help us to build the most significant and unique facility of our times.

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Suset Shore Lab Discovery Center is pleased to announce the appointments to the Board of Directors of Sherrie Johnson as Director of Development and Mandi Reed as Director of Education. Read More

We also like to welcome Joe and Billie Perry to the Board of Directors. You know Joe from the Band Aerosmith and Billie from her poetry. They are both passionate about our world and concerned that we leave behind a legacy of a healthy planet for are children. Read More About Joe and Billie. Click on the link image gallery and then select the Joe and Billie Perry Nature Album from the drop down list and view some great photos. Visit Joe at www.aerosmith.com and at www.joeperry.com



Welcome to Shore Lab Discovery Center

Shore Lab Discovery Center was founded and incorporated in the State of Florida as a not for profit in October of 2009. Our tax exempt status, 501 (C) (3), was granted from the Internal Revenue Service in June of 2010. The Board of Directors are non-compensated volunteers.

The Shore Lab Discovery Center experience is an exciting opportunity by which millions of people who have limited contact and knowledge of Earth's aquatic wonders will be exposed to the beauty, complexities and perils these ecosystems face in today's world.

What makes us different?

Shore Lab Discovery Center is a unique approach to science literacy that provides students inside and outside the classroom the opportunity to work with real scientists solving real issues on the decks of a Tall Ship. Our program is called The Science Shipand it stands poised to change the education and new media landscape. The crew of scientists, adventurers and students sail the seas in search of answers to the most pressing issues that our planet faces in the 21st century. Discover the role that film plays in education, research and in saving the environment.

What motivates us?

The chance to inspire young minds that will someday ask the questions that lead to the great discoveries that cure the incurable, find clean new energy sources, feed the world, discover new technologies that better humankind and find ways to fix and protect our ailing planet. Iinspiring generations of thinkers and explorers.

About Us

We are positioned as a quality learning experience with excellent materials, effective management and well-prepared instructors. Our program philosophy is based in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and Next Generation Science Standards that follow universal designs for learning. Strengthening the understanding of science and technology is essential to the security and economic vitality of our Nation and to the realities of the 21st century global economic and educational environment.

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If we have aroused your passion for this worthwhile project please contact us to learn more about how you can become involved. We are seeking visionaries who share our passion.