Neptune's Apothecary©

Gifts from the Sea©


Gifts from the Sea©: EPISODE I Neptune's Apothecary©

In Neptune’s Apothecary© The Science Ship™ and Stevie’s Morning Star Adventures© travel to the farthest reaches of the natural world in the search of unknown life forms that may someday yield new classes of drugs that could potentially cure some of the deadliest ailments of humankind. A starfish from Antarctica may be the key to solving the biggest disease problem of the modern world-Malaria. The relationship between a Fungus and a Bacteria from the Florida Everglades may help scientists find a cure for MRSA (Methicillin Staphylococcus). A Morning Star Full Sail IIcreature named a Bryozoan found in all the world’s waterways shows promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s. We will learn how some organisms repair and regenerate damaged tissues. The knowledge will someday lead to new technologies that will benefit burn victims and help scientists to regenerate damaged organs.


Ahoy! Join Us As We Explore The Oceans In Search For A Cure




Apothecary of the Rainforest©

Gifts from the Rainforest©


Gifts from the Rainforest©: EPISODE II Apothecary of the Rainforest©

In Apothecary of the Rainforest© we continue our "Gifts Series" expedition with the crew of The Science Ship™ and Stevie’s Morning Star Adventures© by traveling to the Amazon and joining scientists at work uncovering new species of plants, animals and insects that may hold unimaginable scientific information that will benefit humankind.

An insect that may someday offer relief from the effects of Arthritis, Inga plants that could provide a cure for Morning Star Full Sail IIcancer and the poisonous secretions of a frog that could help medical science provide relief from Parkinson’s and other Neuromuscular disorders.

The Amazon Rainforest is also the home to the Tagaeri and Taromenane tribes. They have lived in isolation from the modern world for thousands of years and are practiced in holistic medicine using the biota of the rainforest. We will take a rare glimpse into both tribes and learn how they use the various plants, animals and insects as medical remedies.

Ahoy! Join Us As We Go Deep Into The Amazonian Rainforest In Search Of Cures




Nature Finds a Way©

Nature Always Survives


Nature Finds a Way©

In 2016 scientists discovered the existence of a 600 mile long coral reef under the murky waters of the Amazonian flume. A place that a coral reef should not exist. New places and life forms are being discovered at this very moment and under circumstances that defy what we think and what we know about the natural world. As humankind encroaches on the environment scientific knowledge is being lost at an alarming rate. The knowledge vanishes right along with the forests and the reefs. Still, nature finds a way to survive and continue tMorning Star Full Sail IIo amaze us. We are learning that all the answers that humankind seeks are contained within these living libraries. The very libraries we are destroying with the advancement of civilization. The world is becoming smaller and smaller by the day. Soon almost every part of the Earth will be touched by humankind and yet to our amazement, defying science, right under our noses, is a coral reef at the muddy discharge of the Amazon River.


Ahoy! Join Us As We Transverse The Globe Searching For Life Where Life Should Not Exist