Financial Aid

Our goal is to make our programs enriching and affordable for students, teachers and citizen scientists. Finances should not stand in the way of an incredible opportunity. Let us know how we can help. If you have any questions about program costs please contact us at If you have an account with us go to support and initiate a ticket.

Shore Lab Discovery Center can assist you in selecting the best financial aid options. Merit scholarships, need-Morning Star Full Sail IIbased aid, federal loans and grants, and other scholarships are available. Colleges and Universities may be able to transfer their financial aid. Check with your Financial Aid Office to see if they are willing to participate in The Science Ship™ program. They may have suggetions for potential sources of financial aid.

Financial Aid Options


Your financial aid office can determine what federal aid is transferable to The Science Ship™ program. Stafford or Direct Student Loans, Pell Grants and Parent PLUS Loans can be applied. Other federal aid may be available to pay for The Science Ship™ program. Most schools will require that you complete a Consortium Agreement. If your school requires this, please send it to the Shore Lab Discovery Center for verification. Either scan and upload through the "Support" portal or send to: Shore Lab Discovery Center, P.O. Box 901, Brandon FL 33509.

Here are a few useful and


Many State's offer "Bright Scholars" scholarships and grants. Check with your financial aid office or your State's Department of Education to see what is available and what are the qualifications.


Depending on your school, you may be eligible to use institutional aid from your home campus. You maybe able to pay your tuition to your school, which will in turn pay The Science Ship™ program. Check with the following offices: the study abroad office, financial aid staff, or academic advisors about payments and aid transfers.


Scholarships are made possible by corporate sponsors and individual donors. All youth, regardless of economic background, deserve an extraordinary educational experience and we make every effort to fulfill that promise.


We have financing available through pay pal that can cover most if not the entire cost of our program.