Stevie's Morning Star Adventures© Episodes

Episode I (Pilot)

The Unexpected Visitor©


Episode I: Pilot Synopsis (The Unexpected Visitor©)

Its early morning at Stevie's© house by the seashore and the sun is glaring through Stevie's© bedroom window signaling another great day. Stevie© is slow to wake and gently wipes the sleep from her eyes when she is startled by the thought of almost forgetting that she was going on an adventure with her brother Iz©, Mom, Dad and professor Polauus© (a kindly scientist who lives in Stevie's house and has a laboratory in the basement). They are going sailing today on Dad's ship, the RV Morning Star Explorer. Stevie© is searching for sea horses and Alberforth© promises fun, adventure and lots of science. Stevie© and Iz© spend the day Morning Star Full Sail IIsnorkeling the coral reefs and sea grass beds. They see lots of colorful fishes, strange creatures, beautiful corals and even a shark but not one sea horse. Then something unexpected happens. Unnoticed by Stevie© a sea horse named Briny© hitched a ride on Stevie's© dive fins and finds herself in a bucket tangled among the dive gear on her way back home to Stevie's© house. Now when Stevie© finds the Sea horse named Briny© in the bucket she panics and calls her brother Iz© and professor Polauus© to help save Briny©. Iz© and professor Polauus© have "Idea Lightning©" to save the day and Briny©.


Ahoy! In This Episode We Are Introduced To Stevie©, Iz©, Mom, Dad, Professor Polauus© And Briny©




Episode II

There Be Dragons©


Episode II: Synopsis (There Be Dragons©)

In this episode professor Polauus© is in his laboratory in the basement of Mom and Dad's house. He is busy at work when Stevie© walks in to find out what he is doing. Professor Polauus© asks Stevie© " if she has ever seen a baby dragon"? Stevie© incredulous tells the professor "no, I didn't think that dragons were real". Polauus© says "Oh yes they are" and asks Stevie© if "she would like to feed a baby dragon"? Excitedly Stevie© screams "YES".

As they walk to the professor's laboratory, Stevie© hears all the sounds coming from behind the door and her Morning Star Full Sail IIimagination instantly changes the laboratory into a rainforest. Stevie is nervous as professor Polauus© opens the door. She hears a roar and freezes. Polauus© assures her she will not be harmed and she proceeds. She immediately sees Briny swimming in her aquarium and her father holding an odd creature. She is relieved. Professor Polauus© shows Stevie© the baby dragon and then another and then another. He tells Stevie© where they came from and how many different kinds of dragons live among us.


Ahoy! In This Episode We Will Meet More New Friends And Learn About Dragons




Episode III

Dolphins Lullaby©


Episode III: Synopsis (Dolphins Lullaby©)

One day professor Polauus© is telling Stevie© and Iz© about his adventures on the Amazon River where he discovered a family of pink dolphins. Skeptical of the story Iz© says that "dolphins only live in the oceans". The professor urges Iz© to look in his reference books. Iz© finds that professor Polauus© is correct, there are species of dolphins that live in rivers, but pink dolphins? Stevie© runs to tell her Mom and Dad about professor Polauus's© adventure and begs her mom to let her go to the Amazon to find the pink dolphins, but mom refuses. "Are you in your right mind, Mom asks Stevie©"?

Morning Star Full Sail IIMom and Dad finally give in and Stevie begins preparations for the journey. As luck would have it, Captain Dad is taking the RV Morning Star Explorer along with professor Polauus© to the Amazon on a research expedition. Stevie©, Iz© and Mom join the expedition and set sail for the Amazon.

In the deep recesses of the Amazon Rainforest they find what they are looking for, a magical world complete with a family of pink dolphins. Stevie© soon finds out that the family of dolphins are in trouble. They are missing one of their family members, a young dolphin named Strider©. He likes to travel up and down the river, by himself, far and wide, and that's how he got his name. Stevie© and the RV Morning Star Explorer crew jump into action to find the young missing dolphin and along the way they meet new friends and learn some very interesting science.

Ahoy! In This Episode We Will Introduce New Characters And Learn About The Amazon Rainforest




Episode IV

The Bee's have It©


Episode IV: Synopsis (The Bees have It©)

Stevie© and Iz© are playing with their best friends Georgie and Linda. When all of a sudden. Georgie say's "Look out I'm being chased by professor Polauus's© Bee's". "Run for your lives". Stevie© runs into Polauus© full speed and knocks him over. Professor Polauus© dusts himself off, perplexed he asks Stevie© "why are you running"? Stevie© exclaims that the bees are chasing us and I don't want to get stung. The professor laughs and say's "there only harmless honey bees". Professor Polauus© takes them over to the old rain barrel in the middle of mom's yard. He puts on a hat with a net over his head and opens the top of the rain barrel. He pulls up a comb of Morning Star Full Sail IIhoney and gives a taste to Stevie©, Georgie, Linda and Iz©. "Wow this is good say's Georgie". "Real good says Linda". Professor Polauus© begins to explain why he keeps the Bee's and what the Bee's do to help his flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. Fascinated by the stories, Iz© finds an unnoticed friendly bee in Stevie's© hair. Professor Polauus© gently removes the Bee. He tells Stevie© and Iz© that this is the queen bee and she is very important to the health of the bee hive.




Ahoy! In This Episode We Will Meet New Characters And Discover The Import Role Bees Play