About Stevie's Morning Star Adventures©

Working in tandem with The Science Ship™ is an animated children’s program that starts with our smallest scientists in training named Stevie’s Morning Star Adventures©. It brings children into the world of science through the eyes of Stevie, her brother Iz and their scientist mentor-Dr. Polauus. It conveys basic science concepts to children. The characters make periodic appearances aboard the Morning Star Explorer and take part in exploring the world of science. Finding value in science gives children an inherent better understanding of the world.

Morning Star Full Sail IIAhoy! Meet Stevie©, a seven-year-old adventurer with a passion for sea horses and exploration, and her little brother Iz©: a tome-toting, puzzle-solving researcher-in-training whose epiphanies strike him as “Idea Lightning.” Aboard the sailing vessel RV Morning Star Explorer, aka The Science Ship™ Stevie© and Iz© go from their animated world to traveling the high seas with scientists—learning fun ocean facts and making new friends along the way!

Stevie’s Morning Star Adventures© emphasizes learning in a fun, family-friendly way that demonstrates the interconnectedness of our seas and our lives. So grab your kids, your parents, and your friends! Join Stevie©, Iz©, professor Polauus©, Mom, Dad and friends aboard the RV Morning Star Explorer as they discover the wonders of our world. The crew of Stevie’s Morning Star Adventures© is comprised of experts in early childhood development and skilled in the ability to connect with younger audiences.