The Last Little Cow In The Ocean

I wish this was a happy blog post but it is not. This topic concens the Vaquita Porpoise. A species of Cetacean that is endemic to the Northern Gulf of California. It's name in Spainish means "little cow". It is the smallest, only 141 cm or 54 inches, rarest and most endangered porpoise living. Humankind has managed to kill all but 30. They are on the brink of extiction. They may not survive past 2018.

 u.1.SLDCWEB.jpgIllegal gill net fishing for another endangered species of fish the Totoaba is the problem. Gill nets set to catch the Totoaba also catch the Vaquita. The Vaquita drown in the nets once they are entangled. The Totoaba are illegally caught for their swim bladders used in you guessed it-Chinese medicine. The local fisherman cannot resist the profits made which out weigh the risks. 

When they are gone, the world will have lost another magnificient creature of the oceans and for what? So some shop in China can fool someome into thinking that the swim bladder from the endangered Totoaba they are selling will cure their ailments. All that remains is to ask the question: What kind of world are our childern going to inherit? and What are we going to do about it?

u.1.Vaquita.jpgBut there are organizations who are going to try and save this beautiful creature from extinction. For more information

 Take a look at this video.